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LabWare Supports Many Industries with a Single Product Platform

Over the past thirty years, LabWare has delivered powerful lab automation solutions to a diverse set of customers representing many different industries. The modular design and flexibility of LabWare LIMS enables all of our customers, regardless of industry or application, to use the same core software, which is not changed during implementation. The powerful configuration layer in our product allows our single common code base to be applied to a very wide range of industries, each of which has its own special workflows and automation requirements.

LabWare's single core product strategy benefits every LabWare customer because it enables all of our development, support and implementation resources to focus on a common solution. The LabWare technical architecture facilitates easy upgrades and functionality enhancements, so our customers are always current and remain well supported.

LabWare’s Purpose Built Industry Template Solutions

In LabWare’s products, all configured behaviors reside in the database in the form of Templates, and LabWare has taken the initiative to pre-configure Template Solutions to suit the requirements of specific industries. LabWare's Template Solutions leverage our experience with implementing LabWare LIMS and ELN into many different industries and are available through the LabWare consulting services group. Template Solutions are now available for the following domains: Pharmaceuticals, Environmental Testing, Contract Labs, Forensics, Chemical/Petrochemical Process, Clinical Health, Clinical Research, Bioanalysis DMPK, Food, and Biobank.

Each Template Solution provides a best practices model for automating many of the more complex workflows that we routinely encounter when implementing LabWare LIMS, and their use has the effect of reducing the overall duration and cost of your project. Template Solutions are a powerful implementation aid and a key differentiator for LabWare, and we are continually expanding our Template offerings in order to provide our customers the best possible return on their LabWare software investment.