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LIMS software for management of environmental labs
LabWare’s commitment to the Environmental market and our philosophy of collaboration with customers has resulted in a comprehensive solution that helps environmental laboratories streamline soil, air, water, and wastewater workflows. LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform (ELP) is designed to be highly configurable and can be tailored to meet specific Environmental laboratory requirements by using a combination of purpose built software modules along with LabWare’s pre-configured Template Solution that enables rapid deployment, reduced implementation costs, and better supportability and upgrade.

LabWare LIMS combines sample tracking, testing and analytics with robust functionality for Automated Sample Management, Compliance Management, Capacity / Work Management as well as a comprehensive library of Standard Reports. This includes:

Automated Sample Management
  • Scheduling and Collection Runs
  • Receptions
  • Test allocation
  • Sample/test routing
  • Specification checking and exception handling
  • Disposition
Test/Analytical Method support
  • Instrument Integration
  • AQC
  • Standards
  • Calibration
  • Control Charts
Compliance Management
  • Instrument Calibration and Maintenance
  • Analyst Certification
  • Authentication (CFR Part 11) and User Security
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail
Capacity / Work Management
  • Planning
  • Capacity Planning,
  • Re-assignment
Report Management
  • Certificates of Analysis
  • Electronic Secure Reporting
  • Operational Reporting
Quoting and Invoicing with Contact Management
  • Quotations
  • Discounts
  • Pricing schedules
  • Contract review
Together with LabWare LIMS, the LabWare ELN product serves to complete the Enterprise Laboratory Platform product suite. LabWare ELN is an experiment and workflow driven software application designed to give laboratory scientists the ultimate platform to electronically document their experiments including relevant scientific content and observations, instrument results, and attachments such as photographs, spectra and chromatograms.