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LIMS for management of Food and Beverage labs

LabWare offers scalable solutions for food industries that provide the ability for your business to achieve operational efficiencies, meet and exceed your quality and regulatory commitments, bring products to market faster, and more. LabWare’s Enterprise Laboratory Platform (ELP) is designed to be highly configurable and can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements with off-the-shelf functionality developed in collaboration with many LabWare food and beverage industry customers. Our pre-configured industry template solutions enable rapid implementation, validation, and deployment throughout your enterprise.

Our Food Industry solutions include:
  • Food Production Quality Assurance and Quality Control – full traceability from raw materials to final product
  • Integrated ERP Solutions – lab automation seamlessly integrated to your ERP including a certified integration with SAP
  • R&D – full support for research and product development business processes
  • Contract Testing – solutions for commercial labs specializing in food industry support as well as support from food companies who outsource some or all of their testing
  • LabWare has developed our industry leading functionality in collaboration with our many industry customers. Functions for the food industry include:
    • Microbiological Testing – including a Micro Module and a template configuration for automating sample scheduling, sample preparation, testing and instrument integration, alerts and investigations and reporting.
    • Lot Manager – defining raw material, intermediate and final product testing and release processes
    • Method Execution – quality management of test method execution including advanced data review and electronic signature
    • Stability – for product shelf life study management
    • Formulation Manager – to manage recipe and formulation management for both R&D and production
LabWare provides advanced capabilities to manage product quality and food safety. For example, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), a management system in which food safety is addressed through the analysis and control of biological, chemical, and physical hazards, is supported with LabWare technology. The basis of HACCP is the analysis of data and processes – LabWare provides the ability to access all safety and quality data for analysis, but more importantly, our configurability provides your company with the ability to add and change your processes to meet the results of your analysis and the continually changing needs of modern quality techniques and regulatory requirements. The one constant in business is change – LabWare does not lock you into a solution but rather provides a platform that can support a changing business environment.
LabWare’s goal is to provide an agile, durable system that provides our customers value for the long term. Years of experience in food industries have proven our solutions meet the ultimate test: Results Count!