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Forensic laboratories have certain requirements that are often not found in other types of laboratories. LabWare has, with the help of our forensic customers, designed modules to accommodate these requirements. These modules, in combination with our extensive lab automation functionality provide a complete forensics solution.

Features include:
Case Manager – designed specifically for forensic laboratories to handle cases. Case Manager is used to bind and control all the elements that constitute a case. These elements include attributes of the case, hierarchies of evidence and samples associated with the case, documents associated with the case, details of persons involved with the case, and links between cases or items of evidence
Evidence Manager – designed to handle evidence (exhibits) or property associated with cases.

Formulation & Kit Manager – useful in forensics for building and tracking various evidence collection kits (e.g. sexual assault kits, primary residue sampling kits, etc.).

Image Slicer – developed originally for forensic laboratories and later used for enhanced image reporting for clinical anatomical pathology laboratories.

Other notable features for forensics include:
  • Security Privileges
  • Instrument Interfacing – LabStation
  • Inventory Manager
  • Instrument Manager
  • User Certification
  • Data Explorer
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Document Management
  • Automated Instrument Integration
  • Work Flow Manager
  • Investigation Manager