LabWare has proven through successful implementations in public health that LabWare LIMS has a huge impact on reducing administration overhead, increasing throughput and improving the quality of laboratory data. These improvements have been achieved in the following ways:

  • Limiting manual data entry through instrument interfacing, bar coding and other handheld devices
  • Enabling interoperability by managing orders and results via standard HL7 messages
  • Increasing access to information on lab workload, performance, utilization, quality metrics. etc.
  • Dissemination of results to customers and qualified users, such as public health partners, environmental health partners and law enforcement in a timely manner through the use of a web interface
LabWare provides the most complete public health LIMS solution on the market. Our approach is to provide a solution up front that includes all the necessary base functionality required by a public health lab. The approach can be summarized as follows:

  • Provide out-of-the-box functionality that is often common between public health labs (i.e. patient management, accessioning, QC batch testing, result entry, review/release, inventory, charting, etc.)
  • Utilize the inherent flexibility of LabWare LIMS to configure gaps that are often customer specific (external application interfaces, reporting, etc.).
LabWare comprehensively addresses the requirements outlined by the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) and is reviewed in the APHL software provider repor t .

See examples of past APHL presentations involving LabWare implementations.