Customer Testimonials
  • "LabWare is dedicated to laboratory applications, is well staffed by knowledgeable employees and is responsive. They have a global presence and will probably be around for the long-term."
  • "Support for the LIMS is excellent."
  • "Great LIMS - best I have ever worked with. Great flexibility, and allows in-house development of configured solution."
  • "Endless opportunities to tailor to our needs."
  • "If you can think of it, LABWARE will be able to do it."
  • "Great Product, great conferences, user configuration, business specific implementations, forums to directly share information and ideas to the founder and developers of LabWare LIMS."
  • "Configurable in a demanding and ever changing environment enabling rapid development and compliance."
  • "It can pretty much do whatever you want it to do."
  • "Great visual workflows, ease of use, keep up to date with the forum on what other people are doing and how to fix things."
  • "Meets all the needs of this laboratory. Never failed to provide a solution for any test required of it."
  • "We found that LabWare is capable to satisfy all our needs. we didn’t identify any shortfalls yet."
  • "Robust and functional."
  • "LabWare conference a great forum. Highly configurable. Modularity a major plus."
  • "Reputable brand. Worldwide support."
  • "We can do anything with this product."
  • "Definitely meets our needs."
  • "Easy to use and relatively easy to configure for individual requirements."
  • "Good support and expert knowledge in solving problems."
  • "Product is dynamic and outstanding."
  • "Simple and easy to use interface."
  • "Very configurable and easy to learn."
  • "Very happy."
  • " We consider it the best LIMS on the market."
  • "The system is very powerful."
  • "Excellent product."
  • "LabWare is a highly flexible and configurable system."
  • "Very user friendly and flexible."
  • "In my opinion, LIMS generally meets the real need of the lab."
  • "Excellent overall system, very robust."
  • "Huge range of possibilities."

Click logos to see full list of Oil & Gas customers. LIMS for management of petroleum and gas processing laboratories.

LabWare has extensive experience across the world in the oil and gas industry. This includes hydrocarbon exploration both onshore and offshore. The search for more oil and natural gas to meet an expected increase in global energy demand has resulted in diversified exploration in terms of both geography and technology. Organisations have to tap new sources of oil and gas in environments where big finds are rarer and costlier to exploit. Potential fields lie deep under the seabed, in hostile and remote locations, requiring special pre-processing before transport or are located in shale rock formations that require expensive technology to develop. LabWare LIMS and ELN provide robust and proven technology that allows operation in remote locations that can be easily installed and supported.

LabWare LIMS is regularly used in the analysis of oil and gas from the exploration stage through to production and shipping to determine quality, and to comply with ISO 17025 regulations. LIMS is widely used to track, manage and report on the large volume of data generated in the laboratory. Improved efficiency, quality and productivity are delivered by automating lab processes, workflows and connecting analytical instruments for automatic data capture.

In R&D laboratories ELN provides a complementary technology to handle experiments and unstructured data. A choice of spreadsheet or a document centric paradigm gives these labs a familiar and intuitive way of handling their data and workflows. It also allows different types of files to be added and managed in a controlled environment. This is particularly advantageous where laboratories can continue to use and add Excel calculations and yet join the corporate ELP environment with all the benefits of shared information, audit trails and cross project and department data mining. Of course, LabWare LIMS and ELN are elegantly connected providing seamless integration with one ELP audit trail to aid regulatory compliance.

Many of our customers have multi-site enterprise implementations deployed from a central database. This allows organisations to harmonize their laboratory operations and reduce costs. Standardization on LIMS technology allows the Company to capitalize on knowledge sharing among all the laboratories and improve the availability of high caliber expertise to support the existing labs and future expansions.

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