The midstream sector is primarily concerned with the transportation of oil and natural gas from the extraction site to transport terminals or directly to the refineries.

This includes Gas Oil Separation Plants (GOSP) and Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) processing facilities. Here the associated gas from the oil wells is separated from the main crude oil. GOSP processing generally includes sweetening (removal of salt and H2S), drying (removal of water) and stabilization (removal of associated gas). NGL plants then fractionate and purify the gas section into products for distribution as fuel or petrochemical feedstock (e.g. ethane, propane, butane, iso-butane, etc).

LabWare LIMS is used in many of the world’s major GOSP and NGL plants.

The stabilized crude oil is pumped along pipelines and stored in settling tanks at terminals for export by ship, road or train. In-process product quality is monitored at pumping stations, and equipment such as pumps are monitored for failure prediction using LabWare Interpretation Manager. LabWare Investigation Manager can be used to determine the root cause of the failure.

At the terminals, analysis of the oil is sampled in layers (for example upper, middle and lower in accordance with ASTM D4057 and ISO 3170) to allow for density distribution. This provides advanced feedback to the commercial department before crude arrives at the import terminal – with the sampling and analysis often performed by Contract Testing organisations. LabWare LIMS is used extensively by many of the world’s leading contract testing laboratories – hence we are involved in both sides of the operations, both in customer and third party independent testing.