LabWare LIMS is used in many of the world’s largest oil refineries and the LabWare Process Industry Template provides a pre-configured, best industry practice solution. This is an “out of the box” assembly of LabWare LIMS modules and workflows well-proven in hundreds of process operations around the world. We can generally meet stated LIMS requirements with out-of-the box functionality and a small amount of configuration.

LabWare’s modular approach provides fast-track implementation, but still allows access to the full power of LabWare LIMS configuration capability to meet your special needs. We never customize applications and consequently you are completely future-proofed with easy upgrades as computer technologies develop over time.

LabWare LIMS provides “Best Practice” lab workflows typically as follows:

LabWare LIMS provides a full featured sample management system including sample creation & reception, test & work assignment, results entry, specification/ limit checking, review & approval, and certificate/ report generation.

LabWare LIMS also provides other rich functionality “out of the box” in a modular approach - such as instrument integration, laboratory inventory (e.g. lab chemical stock), standards & reagents, QC batch management, SQC charting and much more. We supply all these as part of LabWare LIMS as a base delivery for a Refinery installation. If you want extra LabWare LIMS modules in the future, you can download and add them in from the LabWare website free of charge at any time.

A comprehensive Process Scheduler allows process unit based scheduling according to specified times for various sampling points. The scheduling including holiday periods and plant shutdowns can all be monitored and controlled from a single ergonomic spreadsheet style interface.
Some of the benefits that may be achieved through the introduction of LabWare LIMS include:
Streamlined laboratory operations
  • Eliminate paper, automate routine tasks
  • Automatic data capture from lab instruments
  • Stop manual transcription, eliminate errors
  • Increase sample throughput, turnaround-time and productivity
  • Improved workload planning and optimization
  • Improved management of instruments and lab inventory
Improved service to the plant & business operations
  • Automate/streamline the login process
  • Standardization and automation of simple and complex calculations
  • Get test results back faster – including use of SMS, email and inter/intranet
  • Automatic communication with ERP/PIMS/MES
  • Use of trends & charts versus tables of numbers
  • More professional certificates & reports
  • Spot problems and non-compliance earlier, and release product faster
  • Speed up troubleshooting
More, better and faster management information
  • Management dashboards including KPIs
  • Summary & performance reports plus graphs & charts
  • Analysis via Excel and other advanced reporting tools
Improved regulatory compliance
  • Strict access controls and approval mechanisms
  • Secure on-line audit trails and data version control
Higher Return on Investment and future proofing
  • Configured packaged solution with customer-driven development program
  • Industry standard strategic IT platform
  • User friendly system administration tools