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LabWare has extensive experience across the world in a wide range of sectors including Chemical production and Petroleum Industries. Many of our customers have multi-site, multi-continent installations with hundreds, and some with over a thousand users. In order to assure the quality of their products, LabWare customers optimize the efficiency and throughput of continuous processes, and comply with governmental product and safety standards, companies in the petrochemical and refining industries to control their processes with rigorous testing and real-time monitoring.

LabWare LIMS forms the basis for monitoring continuous and batch-oriented processes, and then forms a historical record of conformance with internal and external standards and regulations. LabWare LIMS enables customers to define testing and inspection models that correspond with their manufacturing process. LabStation, our built-in instrument integration capability provides the means to automate data collection both within the lab and at remote locations performing in-line analysis. In order to facilitate integration of the entire supply chain, LabWare works closely with our customers' other business partners, and our experience with companies like SAP , Aspen, Honeywell and OSI creates an opportunity for increased automation and cohesion across the entire enterprise.