In order to increase the effectiveness of the research and development function, as well as to assure product quality, companies in the chemical and industrial industries must implement systems that automate their laboratory facilities. Such systems not only facilitate the creation and cataloging of new compounds and other forms of intellectual property, but they also help manage the finished product supply chain through rigorous product testing and real-time process monitoring. A key component in this effort is the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

An effective LIMS system forms the basis for monitoring continuous and batch-oriented processes, and then forms a historical record of conformance with internal and external standards and regulations. LabWare LIMS enables customers to define testing and inspection models that correspond with their manufacturing process. Our built-in instrument integration capability provides the means to automate data collection both within the lab and at remote locations performing in-line analysis. In addition, LabWare LIMS provides the flexibility to monitor conformance to multiple product grades and product specifications allowing you to better manage continuous processes and batch release.

Instrument integration also delivers two other areas of great benefit. It facilitates extensive integration with process control systems, and it enables the establishment of a nearly paperless process. All of the constructs of lot management are addressed through LabWare LIMS, including such things as grading and dispositioning, parent/child relationships, sub-lots and mega-lots, genealogy and traceability, and where-used analysis. Stage-based sampling and testing protocols, whether automated through a predefined schedule or created on an ad-hoc basis, are all supported within the system.

LabWare LIMS offers the flexibility of a system designed around configurable templates. Configurable templates enable the system to reflect the business rules of your laboratory and production processes. Templates automate the creation of sample records, the assignment of testing and the collection of results. Since they are table-driven and may be configured very rapidly without coding, they are equally effective in routine as well as dynamic situations. In order to promote user acceptance throughout your business from the shop floor to the analytical bench top, the application operates in an easy to operate graphical manner, and menus may be tailored to reflect the specific roles of individual users.

LabWare LIMS functions equally well in centralized or decentralized deployments, and offers a variety of tools for synchronizing and controlling business rules and data definition across a distributed enterprise. In order to facilitate integration of the entire supply chain, LabWare works closely with our customers other business partners, and our experience with companies like SAP , Aspen, Honeywell, HP and Waters creates an opportunity for increased automation and cohesion across the entire enterprise.

Our customers benefit from a high degree of investment protection. LabWare LIMS adheres to technology standards yet avoids brand dependencies. As a result, our solutions are hardware, operating system and database independent. The LabWare LIMS Client runs on any contemporary MS Windows variant, the Server component may be installed on anything from Windows to UNIX to Linux, and it may utilize any relational database from Oracle to SQL Server to DB2.

Industry surveys grade LabWare highest in overall value for good reason. Our product packaging and licensing are straightforward, and are based on a comprehensive single license without the complexity and inflated cost associated with optional modules and plug-ins. Capabilities such lot management, instrument integration, analyst training, instrument calibration and maintenance, and reagents inventory, are all included in an integrated and highly configurable package. LabWare then provides a full range of training and consultative services to assist in adapting the system to conform to and enhance your business processes, all accomplished without any invasive changes to the software. As a result, your system is ready for productive use more quickly, and may be implemented more effectively.

LIMS is a mission critical application within your business, and LabWare recognizes that implementation of your LIMS is a rewarding yet demanding process. Our goal with every customer is to assure long-term success and payback. This is accomplished not only with the project services just described, but also through the provision of a strong after care program. Our customers benefit from an aggressive program of product improvement, as well as from a responsive technical support service. Revisions and enhancements are made available periodically based on a modular release methodology, enabling customers to add to the utility of their installed systems with minimal validation burden or disruption to their ongoing operations. Technical support is offered through a consistent and cohesive global support channel, and includes LabWare experts available by telephone as well as on-line resources accessible over the web.