LabWare Cloud - PaaS LIMS

LabWare’s industry leading platform can be deployed in the cloud with multiple deployment options to best meet your specific needs. LabWare Cloud has the highest standards of security , both at the infrastructure level as well as within the application. LabWare’s infrastructure facilities are SOC2 compliant , and the LabWare software supports advanced security features such as Active Directory integration , end-to-end encryption and role-based permissions . LabWare Cloud deployments are fully compatible with LabWare mobile making your informatics platform easily accessible anywhere.

Which PaaS LIMS is Right for You?

Customer Optimized
Hosted – Virtual
Customer Optimized
Hosted - Browser
Industry focused solutions enable faster initial deployments
Fully customizable to maximize business efficiency through customer specific workflows, reports & data visualizations
Ongoing customizations to address changing workflows, recording and reporting needs
LIMS, ELN and LES all fully supported
Access to LabWare’s extensive LIMS functionality
Typically Citrix enabled

Need Rapid Deployment? Consider LabWare SaaS LIMS

LabWare SaaS LIMS comes validated with pre-configured best practice workflows allowing for rapid deployment in under 30 days. It also requires a lower initial investment. Should your needs outgrow SaaS LIMS, you can easily scale up to a customer optimized PaaS deployment.

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