LabWare Professional Services

Why Choose LabWare for your Implementation Services?

LabWare's track record of success in LIMS and ELN implementations services is unrivaled. LabWare is sure to have a case study that is similar to the LIMS implementation or support challenge that you are facing:

  • The LabWare Services Team is one of the largest in the world and has helped over 1000 customers achieve high performance ROI from their LabWare LIMS system.
  • LabWare has the global scale to ensure success on large and complex global implementations, having implemented many systems with a user base domiciled in more than twenty countries and/or involving a total LIMS user base of greater than 1000.
  • LabWare has led the Business Analysis process on hundreds of projects, helping customers address complex goals such as introducing smart phone applications to address sampling requirements on a country-wide basis, automating complex genomic lab operations for a global agriculture products company. and centralizing the LIMS system for many of the world's refineries and manufacturing organizations.
  • Our depth and scale helps us ensure success on large and complex projects. Examples include:
    1. Harmonizing pharmaceutical R&D on to a centralized system.
    2. Managing global central laboratory operations for a leading Contract Research Organization.
    3. Global deployment and workflow harmonization for a number of the world's largest petrochemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers and contract laboratories.

LabWare implementation services deliver the best value-- typically customers believe that their overall costs are reduced when using LabWare services resources directly.

Delivering a smooth go-live with an enduring system that will exceed ten years of operational life are the primary criteria for a successful LIMS implementation that will generate a great return on investment. LabWare Services professionals know to focus on the following keys to ensure a successful project:

  • Industry Best Practice Configurations - LabWare has the most extensive and proven suite of Industry Best Practices in the Laboratory Information Management System industry. This ranges from whole industry solutions to specific best practices for key processes such as change control, system upgrades, and ISO 17025 compliance. The Services Team's expertise is consolidated and documented globally in LabWare Industry Best Practice guidelines and templates.
  • Local and Global Expertise - The LabWare team is distributed globally, allowing a strong presence in each local LabWare operation. Experience has shown significant benefits from providing LabWare's global best practices in the context of the local language and culture. LabWare's services team works in over 40 different languages. LabWare implements and supports more LabWare systems than any other services team. This experience, combined with a very low employee turnover rate, creates an unrivaled "body of knowledge" for our customers to leverage. By working directly with customers around the world and sharing experiences throughout LabWare's best practices knowledge network, the services team continually improves best practices for the benefit of all.
  • Product Centric Services - LabWare has replaced hundreds of "over configured" LIMS systems that were no longer cost effective. LabWare's unique product centered services strategy avoids this problem. LabWare's resulting track record for longevity, satisfaction, and successful upgrades is second to none.
  • Risk Mitigation and Regulatory Compliance - The entire LabWare Services Team works together to ensure that best practice is defined, implemented, and monitored. System changes are peer reviewed by an industry leadership team and subject matter experts. LabWare's GOLD methodology and supporting guidelines are proven worldwide. By working directly with LabWare, the quality, compliance, and risk management of the LIMS system are optimized.
  • Lifetime Customer Partnership - The LabWare Services Team is dedicated to a single platform, the LabWare Enterprise Laboratory Platform. Each certified LabWare Consultant has a wealth of LabWare skills and credentials, which are assessed regularly. LabWare invests exceptional amounts of time and energy to maintain lifetime customer partnerships. We hold 8 annual customer education conferences drawing a total of over 1000 attendees. By working directly with customers through development partnerships and customer education conferences (CEC) , LabWare develops stronger and more productive customer partnerships. These partnerships ensure system longevity and superior ROI.
  • Delivering Best Value - By focusing on all of the elements described above, LabWare delivers the best possible value to its customers. LabWare's track record speaks for itself. Organizations stay with LabWare more than any other LIMS because it delivers the best available return on investment. Experience has shown that total services costs can be reduced by more than 20% by using LabWare services compared to 3rd party service providers.