A t LabWare, the guiding focus is simple – to deliver successful LabWare solutions. From its
inception, LabWare has been dedicated to abiding by exacting standards regarding governance and project management discipline. The LabWare approach to technology challenges emphasizes collaboration and monitoring. LabWare works with its customers to ensure that the solution is right and constantly checks to ensure that the implementation process is on track and focused. All LabWare project managers are experts in LabWare LIMS and LabWare ELN. By combining structure and process with each individual consultant’s fundamental understanding of LabWare technology, the LabWare project management approach decreases cost while increasing efficiency, and creates a win-win situation for our customers.

LabWare project management delivers:
  • Capital project success - Improve overall capital project delivery, efficiency, and asset operability.
  • Cost contro l - Increase cost control through enhanced data/information transparency.
  • Reliability and efficiency - Increase reliability and efficiency of data crossing workstreams.
  • Schedule adherence - Reduce schedule delays resulting from underplanned and underestimated activities.
  • Risk Mitigation - Improve identification/mitigation of risks early in projects